Social Welfare Institute
of Lithuanian Social Research Centre

A.Gostauto st. 9, LT-01108 Vilnius, Lithuania
phone: (+370 5) 249 1601, fax: (+370 5) 275 4896
Research activities
Social Welfare Institute is a structural subunit of the Lithuanian Social Research Centre.

Scientific activities of Social Welfare Institute are focused on social welfare research.

While conducting research in the field of social welfare research, the Institute pursues the following objectives:
  • to carry out research in living conditions, income differentiation, the spread of poverty and social exclusion in Lithuania, the factors influencing it, and the consequences thereof;
  • to carry out research in the social and economic policies applied to influence the social welfare of the country and effectiveness thereof;
  • to carry out research in the changes in Lithuanian social structure to reveal the main trends of social stratification while undergoing transformation into civil society under conditions of globalisation and European integration;
  • to carry out research in the specifics of Lithuanian regions;
  • to design Lithuanian social development models and to develop social technologies for their implementation.

Jolanta Aidukaitë (Lithuanian Social Research Centre) and Sven Hort (Linnéuniversitetet) guest edited a special issue of Journal of Baltic Studies entitled "The Baltic states after the crisis? The transformation of welfare systems and social problems" (2019 vol. 50, no. 1). This issue is for anyone to read who is interested in the three Baltic states and what has happened to them during and after the crisis. Articles include topics of youth unemployment, migration, health care, family policy, social security, and in-work poverty. Here is the editorial introduction with detail presentation of the six articles included in the issue.

All articles of the special issue can be found here.